Improve Your Jumpshot in Three Different Ways

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Improve Your Jumpshot in Three Different Ways

Top 3 Training Videos For A Better Jump Shot

The offseason is the time when good athletes become great. This summer it’s up to you to address the weaknesses in your game. Weather you have a team of coaches to work with, or just a ball and a hoop, the effort you put into your offseason grind will ultimately determine your growth from year to year.

At Evo 1, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to adjust and evolve our training. This week we wanted to share with you some of our favorite training videos on how to improve your jumpshot.

Check out each of the videos below, and try to pull something from each that you can implement into your next gym session. It may be adding the footwork drill from Pro Training BB into the beginning of your next workout, or just absorbing the mindset of an NBA Pro’s approach to training.

Comment below with your favorite tips from each video, and feel free to share other innovative training ideas of your own.

1.) Pro Training BB – Form & Quick Release

Whether you’re preparing for your freshman season, grinding to make varsity, or have your eyes set on a rec league championship, you’re going to need to be quicker to keep up with the next level competition. Use these drills from Pro Training BB to work on your release.

2.) Howard Elite Basketball – Increase Your Shooting Range

If you’re looking to mold your game after Stephen Curry, check out this video for tips on developing that lethal long range jumper.

3.) Basketball Mid-Range Jump Shot With Nick Young

The best way to stand out at your next tryout is to show off a complete set of skills. Watch this video, featuring Los Angeles Laker Nick Young, for tips on improving your mid-range game and start shooting with confidence from any spot on the court.